Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 Kaliahisms for 2013

Kaliahism:  Noun.  (Kuh-LEE-uh-ism).  Saying produced by Kaliah Rose McFadden, daughter of Jenny Lynn Meister and Rashieme Lamar McFadden.

As we bid goodbye to 2013, take a few moments to view the year through the eyes of an eight-year-old.  The following Kaliahisms are actual sayings as uttered by Kaliah throughout the year 2013, as closely directly quoted as my overcrowded memory allows.  Here are 13 of them for 2013.

1.  "I have a Mario head, Mom.  You have a Luigi head."
2.  "Back in the 1950s, did the world used to be in black and white?"
3.  "Mom... why did you sleep in that?
     "I didn't.  This is what I'm wearing to work today.  It's 80's day."
     "That's not 80's.  It's just crazy."
4.   "It is 80's.  This is how people used to dress back then."
     "YOU were in the 80s???"
5.  "Pull over, Mom!  We have GOT to pick that dandelion!"
6.  "You could probably win a potato chip eating contest, Mom."
7.  "I might want to be a farmer when I grow up."
     "We don't have a farm, Kaliah."
8.  "Kaliah, do you understand this cartoon?"
     (Cartoon features the caption 'Punctuation saves lives.' Family is surrounding Grandma, and there are two examples given:  "Let's eat, Grandma!" and "Let's eat Grandma!"
     "Yes, when you move the comma, they're not telling grandma to eat... they're saying they'll eat Grandma!"
9.   "I know how to swim.  I just can't do it, yet."
10.  While "Sexy and I Know It" is on the radio.  The line that goes, "There's a passion in my pants and I'm not afraid to show it..."
     "Mom, what does fashion in his pants mean?  Does that mean he's wearing really pretty underwear?"
     "That's exactly what it means, Kaliah."  (Changing the channel quick, fast and in a hurry).
11.  "Remember when you got the parking ticket and started crying, Mom?"
12.  "Uncle Billy can drive?"
      "Yes, we bought our car from him."
       "Huh.  I never knew he made it that far in life."
13.  "I'm good at gymnastics because I'm so stretchable."

As we close out the year, I thank God for my smart, sweet, funny little girl.  I thank Him for all of my other blessings, including another year spent with the love of my life, the joy of spending time with family, the roof over our heads, the job I have, the dreams I work toward.  I pray that you and your family will be blessed tremendously in 2014, and I thank you, as always, for taking the time to read! 


  1. Ha, those were hilarious. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks, Kristin! I hope you and Justin have an amazing new year! Enjoy the snow while it lasts!