Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things My Students Say...

So I'm teaching, or trying to, last week, when one of my angels has a light bulb moment.

"Ms. Meister!  Ohmigosh!"  she cries out, throwing her hand up in the air, but excitedly babbling on before I can bother to call on her.

"You know what I JUST realized?" she asks breathlessly, and, once again, before I can ask what, she rushes on, in spite of the fact that we're in the middle of the lesson and what she's about to say has absolutely nothing to do with anything we're learning about.

"You know how come time machines can't be real?  I just figured it out!  No one has invented one yet because, like, if they were already invented, people from the future would be like, totally visiting us all the time, right?  Don't ya think?"

The rest of the class and I are staring at her.  I think, collectively, I could have spoken for us all by saying...


She was absolutely glowing in the realization she had vocalized with this epiphany.  I was still trying to figure out where on earth this line of thinking had come from.  It certainly had nothing to do with anything I had been talking about, anything anyone else had been talking about, or pretty much anything to do with anything.

Such is life in the seventh grade.  We should consider, perhaps, retitling my age group:  "6th Grade, Random Grade, 8th Grade."

I should consider, at least, that my student was thinking.  Granted, it had nothing to do with English Language Arts.

Or any other content area generally taught throughout the school day.

But thought did occur.

A random thought, but thinking none the less.

Things that make you go #wow.


  1. That is true! If time machines existed people from the future would be visiting us. I love it! Have a terrific weekend!

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