Monday, April 21, 2014

Please Pardon My Brief Absence...

So it's been a little over the week that normally goes by in between my obligatory blog posts, but I have a decent excuse:


Well, and the exhaustive daily events leading up to this joyous celebration.

My family and I had a beautiful Easter, and I pray that you did, as well.  We attended an awesome Easter service at our church home, Oak Ridge Baptist, where we were blessed with an inspiring abundance of visitors, tons of people getting baptized, and many first-time decisions for Christ.  It was a humbling experience, a day full of celebration.

We continued the good times at my mother's house, where she prepared a delicious meal for my family.  Kaliah got to dye eggs with my brother's girlfriend's kids, and it was really cool that after being the only child in the family for so long, she finally had somebody else to play with.  (Rashieme enjoyed it too.  An epic game of freeze tag may or may not have went down, in which I discovered I'm quite possibly NOT the fastest person in the family, in spite all of the miles I try to cram into each month).

So the holiday was about our Savior and time together as a family.  Mommom offered to take Kaliah for a few days, so Shieme and I can get some grown-up time in.  I'm hoping we'll get a chance to do a little wedding planning and a lot of relaxing.  I'm also going to have to squeeze in several errands of a boring nature, so I feel very blessed to have off this entire week from work.

But I know you guys don't stop on over just to hear the mundane details of my routine.  You're looking for funny.  So try this on for size:

'Twas the night before Easter, and I was freaking exhausted.

I'd just worked a shift at the Cottage.  It wasn't even really busy, but I'm not getting any younger, and it HAD been super slammed the night before, which I had also worked.  I got home just a little after Kaliah's bedtime, so since she woke as I entered the house, I had to run in and give her a quick kiss and a belated Bible story.  I headed back into the living room and collapsed onto our recliner, with the intention of waiting for her to venture off into total slumber before I began filling her Easter basket.  I even went so far as to ask Rashieme where the basket was, as earlier that day Kaliah had tried to fill it with dirt and leaves to create a nest for a robin's egg I found for her-- that's another story that ultimately ended in tragedy, so we'll save that one for another day).  He located the basket for me, and I promptly fell asleep in the chair, drooling and protesting that I was still awake as Rashieme tried to force me off to bed.

So naturally, I totally forgot to play the Easter Bunny.

I forgot until Kaliah was standing over me Easter morning, demanding, "Where's the candy?"

"Umm... the Easter Bunny must be running late," I muttered, kicking myself for having dropped the ball.

"I think you're the Easter Bunny," Kaliah responded.

"No, no.  You don't believe in the Easter Bunny, you don't get candy," I warned her.  "I'm sure he's just running late.  Go take a bath!  Maybe he didn't come because you're too dirty."

"What?  That's--"

"Go take a bath!"

So as she reluctantly headed off to the tub, I went racing outside in my robe and sneakers, hauling in the crap I'd bought and not brought in the night before, jamming Easter grass and jelly beans and chocolate eggs and rabbits haphazardly in the Easter basket, just managing to fling the last of the packaging materials into the garbage as Kaliah emerged from what has GOT to be the world's quickest bath.

"Why do you have Easter grass in your hands?"

"The Easter bunny left a mess!  Look, he came and went while you were in the bath tub.  How about that?"

If she hadn't quite stopped believing, I'm pretty sure that yesterday I effectively ended any remaining confidence she held in the Easter bunny's existence... but hey, what mattered to her the most was the candy.  I was immediately forgiven for any crimes I may or may not have committed as she dug into her goods.  Soon, it was time for the next battle:

The wearing of the Easter Dress.

And such are the holidays, and such is life:  a series of battles, big and small, a journey of mistakes and apologies, mountain peeks and valley lows.  Smiles and laughter, tears of joy and sorrow.  Thanks, dear readers, for checking in.  May you never forget to play the Easter Bunny, and may the peace of the Savior comfort you, no matter what your highs or lows may be in this supremely special existence.

Happy Easter!

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