Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Age Old Question Addressed...

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

So I got my hair done this weekend!

I was way overdue for a trim and some color.  Like, to the point that my roots were something ridiculous.  But last time I got my hair done, my stylist Margaret put in highlights and lowlights, so as it grew out, I told myself that maybe that hombre look was still in, and went on my merry business, because with the winter I had, neither time nor extra finances came easily.

But with our wedding fast approaching, I had decided that I needed to make sure of what I wanted before the big day.  I was pretty confident that I'd prefer to get married as the more natural brunette version of myself.  But blonde and I go way back, too.  I was a blonde as a kid.  I was a blonde when Shieme met me.  I was a blonde when we began dating.  So yesterday, I went pretty blonde:

*Photo credit to Margaret Lazaro of Cutting Edge Designs in Delmar, Delaware.  If you're in the area, please go check them out!  Not only do they have amazing stylists such as Margaret, they offer extremely competitive, reasonable prices on all services, including tanning!  (If you go check them out, please mention me--Jenny Meister--and let me know you listed me as a referral, because I can earn goodies such as free tanning and reduced prices on salon services!  Then you can refer your friends and earn free stuff, too!)
By the way, please don't judge the "Before" picture too harshly.  While I'm as guilty (if not guiltier) as the next girl of a few bad hair days, this picture was taken directly after a rather intense running workout, and my natural curls had been rocking a pony tail that morning.  :)

So I love the blonde, but I'm glad I did it now, in celebration of summer.  When I go in again just before our wedding, I'll ask for highlights and lowlights that look more subtle with my natural light brown color, as opposed to a root touch up on this Barbie look.  While I think it's very pretty, I feel like my signature look in my thirties should be to rock a more natural looking hair style.  Plus, my headpiece for my veil is a beautiful pearl design that will stand out better if it contrasts with brown, as opposed to blends in with blonde.

Still, I adore the color and am very blessed to have found a hair stylist who can give me what I want no matter what I ask for.  For this point in my life though, I've decided that,

1) Blondes don't really have more fun.  People who want to have fun, have fun.
2) Blondes aren't any dumber than anybody else.  The ditzy blonde actually comes in all hair colors.  You only need about a ten minute interaction with general humanity to figure this one out.

I've been playing with hair color for years, because, well... why not?  It's fun.  It's amazing how much you can change your look with a good cut and color.  Every time I visit Margaret, I come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.  With a good cut and color, a confident woman could single handedly take over whatever she felt like!  Here was Shieme's reaction:

Shieme: "You look like a cougar."
Me:  "I do??"
Kaliah:  "No she doesn't."
Shieme:  "She doesn't know what a cougar is."  (To which I thought, well, I'd hope not!)
Me:  "So I look older?"
Shieme:  "Older and richer.  Kaliah, doesn't Mommy look like she has money?  Like, a few hundred dollar bills in her purse? You look like you left to go to the bank, and came back after you bought the bank!"

So I may not own a million bucks, but at least I feel like I do!

Mad props to all the hair stylists out there that make their clients feel like a million dollars!

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