Saturday, May 17, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately... mainly because there is SO much going on right now.

At work, I just survived my final round of state testing with the kids.  The students also all made it out of the process without a single casualty.

At home, we've been celebrating Mother's Day, planning our wedding, and preparing to celebrate Mommom's 86th birthday this Sunday.  (Her birthday was actually yesterday, but we're all getting together over the weekend).

In other exciting news, I was accepted into the inaugural doctoral cohort at Salisbury University!  The degree is a doctorate in education, and pending the resolution of the financial implications of going back to school and their impact on our family... I may very well be headed back to school in the fall!

Kaliah is also doing very well in school.  She was selected to be tested for admission into an accelerated learning program, and so I'm very proud of her, and hope that she will be given this opportunity, as I think she needs to be challenged.

So all of these changes and happenings have impacted my writing a bit... mainly, it's just been hard to do any!  When I started blogging again, I promised myself I would stick with it this time, so I decided to make sure I'd update today, and then I realized that even with everything going on, I couldn't think of a really good blog topic for this week.

But luckily, this little gem emerged from the dark recesses of my foggy memory, where it was nearly lost forever:

I was chatting with my students this week about my upcoming wedding.  They all know about it and talk about it and some of them seem just as excited about it as I am.  One little girl asked me how my fiancĂ© had proposed, and so I began relaying the story to her. 

(For those of you who've never heard the whole thing, I'll save it for another post).

In a nutshell, it was shortly after Valentines Day, and I had bought Rashieme an Xbox 360, and was eager to exchange gifts.  He had the ring with him, but wasn't ready to pop the question yet, so when I presented him with his present and asked him what he'd bought me, he froze.  When he remained silent, I assumed he hadn't gotten me anything.

I was at this point in the story with my student and was explaining, "So I started yelling at him, getting really upset, going off and screaming--"

At which point she interrupted me and said, "Oh!  Like you do with us all the time?"

And all I could do in response was laugh.

Hashtag--I'm really not that bad of a teacher?

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  1. That is cute! I bet you are a great teacher. Congratulations on going back to school and your upcoming wedding. It sounds like you have been busy.