Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Going to the chapel...

And we're... gonna get marrrrriiiiiieeeeeed.

Actually, we're headed to a state park.  It is my little girl, happy-ever-after, dream-come-true, knight-in-shining-armor fairy tale ending.

Except it's not--it's a beginning. 

We contemplated the courthouse.  But Rashieme said it before I would admit it:  "I'd feel like I never gave you the wedding that you wanted.... You want to get 'Disney-Princess-Married.'"

Now before we get all judgmental:  yes, it's true.  I want a special day.  I want the ending of every romantic comedy movie I've ever balled through and the happily ever after of fairy tales and Disney movies.  I've never claimed not to want that, even though I believe I am a strong and independent woman.

I don't need the wedding to be happy.  I already have everything I need.

But I want it.  I want just one perfect day where we can celebrate each other and our love.

And I do want to look beautiful.  I have the perfect dress.  The perfect colors.  The perfect place.

Most importantly, though, I have the perfect man.

He's not perfect in actuality, but then again, none of us are.

But he's perfect for me.

He makes me smile when I want to cry.  He listens when I need to vent.  He tells it to me like it is when I am unjustifiably angry or irritated.

He makes me laugh.  Every single day.

He is a wonderful father and will be an amazing husband.

Our road has definitely not been easy.  But by the grace of God, through the twists and turns and sometimes seemingly insurmountable mountaintops and darkest valleys, we have arrived on the other side.

And I am not naïve enough to believe that married life will be full of less ups and downs than were the fourteen years (FOURTEEN YEARS!!) leading up to it. 

But the difference, to me, is the commitment.  The knowing that we are in this for good.  That there is nothing I can't come to him with, and vice versa. 

So in two weeks we'll be saying, "I do."  "For better or for worse."  "Till death do us part."

And I believe that not even death can separate those whose love is founded in Christ Jesus.

So I want to thank my Rashieme, for standing by me through thick and thin, for letting me get a little Bridezilla from time to time, and for putting Kaliah and I first each day.  The last few months have been a challenge, with me hardly ever home.  He's not complained once.

I also want to thank our families and our friends for all their help and support as it turned out that magical fairy tale weddings don't just fall neatly in your lap, you have to actually plan them.  When you're not really a detail person (such as myself), the amount of work you have to do can come as somewhat of a shock.  I'm going to call this wedding a success if everybody shows up with clothes on.  And you know what?

It will all be okay.

Because most of all, I want to thank my God for bringing my soul mate back to me.  Big wedding or small, rain or shine, over budget or under... what matters the most is that we love each other, and for that?  I am eternally thankful to our creator, who imagined the moment that will occur two weeks from now (and all of the precious moments to follow) long before even I did.

Peas and carrots for life.

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