Tuesday, July 29, 2014

True Tales of a Wacky Wedding Rehearsal...

Pop Quiz:

Which of the following happened during our wedding rehearsal?

A)  We locked the groom's mother out of his house without her keys or purse ten minutes before rehearsal began.
B)  The matron of honor got lost trying to find the ceremony venue.
C) The bride's phone died and the groom left his at the house, meaning the bride and groom had no idea how to get to the rehearsal dinner location, being as it was a restaurant (an amazing restaurant, by the way) located tucked away in the vast middle of nowhere known as Hurlock, Maryland.
D) The bridal party discovered they had no working electricity to try out music for the rehearsal, since it had not been turned on at their outdoor location.
E)  The bride's mother got stung by a bee on her foot as she returned to her seat after walking the bride down the aisle, prompting her to scream at the top of her lungs and kick off her shoe, sending it sailing across the park and smacking the boyfriend of the maid of honor.
F)  The bride's brother's girlfriend (who is allergic to bees) was also stung.
G) All of the above.

If you answered G, you're probably thinking, she's gotta be making some of this stuff up.  This doesn't happen in real life.

Well, if you're Jenny Meister...

it does.

So you would be correct in answering G.

But here's the thing:  the rehearsal was far from perfect, just as my fianc√© and I are far from perfect.  But we are in this, no matter what.  So even if bees swarm our wedding (they sprayed), or the electricity doesn't come on (they promised it would) or I trip and go falling down the aisle (I hope I won't), or we drop the rings in the Choptank River (they're insured)...

I am still getting married tomorrow.

To the love of my life and my best friend.

The father of our daughter, our protector and provider.  The one who keeps me safe and tells me I am loved.

And at the end of the day, each other are all we really need.

Now having said that, it looks like God is blessing us with beautiful weather.  I pray all who are attending travel safe.  I pray that the catastrophic every day crazy that likes to follow me around chills out for a bit.

"This is going to sound like fiction" is my brand name.  It's the little catch phrase that describes my quirky, strange-but-I-swear-it's-true humor writing.

As I was relating the wedding rehearsal woes to a friend, she laughed, and said, "That's so Meister!"

Funnily enough, I'm even listed under her phone contacts as Meister.

But here's the thing:

As of tomorrow, I'll be a McFadden.

And while I'm sure the true tales of every day crazy will continue, what I really want for tomorrow is for the only crazy but true story to be of how much we love each other.

And no matter what else does or does not happen, I know that's what I'll remember.

Happy Wedding Eve, E'rrybody!!!

Rehearsal Dinner was a blast, even if rehearsal wasn't exactly what one would call smooth sailing...

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  1. Your last name may change, but you'll still be the Jen-meister to me! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see you walk down the aisle tomorrow. :D